Our Team

Pen sokunthea

The principal is the chairman of the technical Supervision, Inspection of teaching and learning, children’s council , the staff and teachers discipline and the general students in the school.

Mrs. Ly Kim Leang

Secretary and director of the General school environmental team, responsible for office admin and responsible for children’s council at the school.

Mr. Ung Muslim

Coordinator of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and responsible for computers admin and develop English program

Mrs. Yan Srey Lich

The librarian responsible for library resources, conduct research for students, perform administrative work relevant, check the list of relevant documents and library resource and aim to make the library a place for readers.

Mrs. Khorn Srey Nich

nurse in charge of providing first aid training to students, children’s council, teachers and monitor student’s health on a regular basis, monitor student growth (weigh, measure height, check eyes, oral hygiene)

Miss. Pen Phalkun

An accountant in charge of income and expenses in the school including tax declaration.

Mrs. Cheoun Malai

Kindergarten coordinator, responsible to provide training and Observe of teaching learning.